Americans’ Trust in Media & Social Media Hits All-Time Low

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By Jennifer Kerns, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher | All-American News

Trust in media has plummeted to an all-time low after the November elections.

Axios reports that a new survey by Edelman finds Americans’ trust in media has fallen below 50% and even more shocking, trust in Social media has fallen into the twenties.

56% of Americans believe that journalists and reporters mislead the American people on purpose.

58% of Americans believe that “most news organizations” are more concerned with “supporting an ideology or political view than with informing the public.”

Social media were not exempt from the critique — in fact, Americans blasted the Big Tech companies for their bias. Trust in Social media skidded to an all-time low of 27% after the Presidential election.

The figures were somewhat bipartisan.

While only 18% of Republicans trust Media — to be expected, in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s moniker of “Fake News” — surprisingly just 57% of Democrats trust the Media.

What does it all mean?

The damning figures show that Big Tech’s suppression of the Hunter Biden scandal just two weeks before the election had a detrimental effect on its reputation as an industry — as well as on the news media industry that aided in the pooh-poohing, “nothing to see here” coverage of the story.

Can the industries recover? It all depends upon how they cover President Joe Biden’s “first 100 days” in office. If they’re fair, and tough, they might just be able to recoup some of that American trust. If they’re not, they’ll continue to hemorrhage viewers and readers to alternative media sources to the point where the next piece to be written about them will be their obituaries.

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