Bidens First Act

Biden’s First Act

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By Jennifer Kerns, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher | All-American News

President Biden wasted no time this week issuing nearly 20 executive orders and executive actions — just hours after being sworn in.

He has now signed a stunning 30 executive actions in just 3 days —including executive orders, memoranda, and agency directives. 

To be sure, every president in recent history has used the power of the executive pen. Heck, Obama even used a phone AND a pen.

But not quite at this clip.

By comparison, President Trump signed only four executive orders during his first few weeks in office.

President Obama signed eight.

President George W. Bush signed just two, and President Bill Clinton also just two.

So why the rush, Joe?

The Biden/Harris administration has at their disposal the House of Representatives under Speaker Nancy Pelosi and in reality, a better-than-50/50 split in the U.S. Senate under Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Biden could have easily hiked to Capitol Hill post-Inauguration to showcase his control over the House and Senate which he helped sweep in — especially with his wing woman, Vice President Kamala Harris, as the tie-breaker. That would have been quite a political muscle to flex.

Instead, Biden chose to jam 17 executive orders and executive actions down the throats of the nearly 75 million Americans who voted against him. He placed job-killing environmental orders and politically-correct renaming in foreign countries above Americans.

Perhaps Biden didn’t care much about those pesky Republicans — 72% of which still (yes, still) believe the election was stolen. (Thank you, Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.)

However, troubling for Biden is a brand new NBC News poll out this week that shows a stunning one-third of Independent voters believe the election was stolen, too.

For a guy who promised in his Inaugural speech that he had heard America’s protest song during a very “un-civil war,” Biden is operating like a man who is tone deaf.

So, why the rush to govern by executive orders?

In Washington, political payback is always expected and payment is due upon arrival. Ramming far-left, liberal policies into action so quickly signals that Biden may have had to quell the insurrection in his own party — an insurrection of the tenuous, leftist, Bernie Sanders/AOC wing of his party. And that makes him look weak.

With the stroke of a pen, or rather 17 pens, Biden demonstrated that he cared more about paying back his political allies and the people who put him there, than he did appealing to the American people he feigned to serve. If he truly wanted to appeal to all Americans, Biden could have instead pledged to sign NO executive orders during his first weeks in office, and instead listened closely to the will of ALL Americans — just as he claimed he would do, in his Inaugural speech.

Instead, Biden proved once again that he is a true creature of Washington, D.C. placating political party bosses ahead of the people he serves and already breaking his first promise to the American people — all in record time.

We hope that in his First 100 Days, he will do better for all Americans.

We’ll be watching to ensure he does.

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