CRISIS: Murders of Police Officers on the Rise

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Memorial Day was a time to pay tribute to the memory of the soldiers we’ve lost at war, and this year it seems appropriate to also mention the fallen Police Officers who’ve died in the last year on the frontlines of, let’s face it, a “War” that is now on American soil. There is no doubt we are in the midst of a war for the hearts and minds of Americans, and for the soul of America.

BY THE NUMBERS: Already, nearly as many frontline Police Officers have been murdered in the line of duty in just the first 5 months of 2021, than were murdered in the entire year of 2020.

That’s largely due to the ANTI-POLICE RHETORIC FOMENTED by Democrat leaders, from blue city Mayors like Bill DeBlasio, all the way up to the White House and Joe Biden.

In addition, more than TWICE as many frontline Police officers died from other causes, including accidents, strokes and heart attacks on the job due to the stress they are under in America’s cities, AND from COVID-19 deaths from contracting covid on-the-job. (Remember, it was our brave Police Officers who stayed on the front lines in the early days of the Coronavirus crisis. It cost them their lives. Yet no ticker tape parade for them, as was promised.)

This is ON TOP OF the more than 58,000 Officers who are attacked on the job each year — shot, stabbed, beaten, and dragged, while trying to do their jobs to keep all communities safe. That number will likely be even higher in 2021.

Democrats have said it themselves, there is a WAR ON COPS, we ought to take them at their word & believe them when they tell us this is War. 

Lastly, the anti-police rhetoric of the top Democrats in America (Maxine Waters, Joe Biden) actually DOESN’T even represent the views of most of what they call their “black and brown” Constituents: A Gallup Poll states that 61% of Black Americans actually want Police in their communities, not to abandon them, and nearly 1/3 of Black Americans say they’d actually like MORE Police in their communities, not LESS.

Sadly, police are caught in the middle in this war — as we remember those who have fallen in foreign wars, we ought to say a prayer for those lost on the frontlines here in America as well.

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