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Liberals’ Trick Bunt Ball Gets Scooped Up by Republicans

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

So, apparently, is the path to the Major League Baseball “All-Star Game.”

Democrats attempted a trick “bunt” hit play against Republicans in an attempt to boycott the state of Georgia over their voting rights reform and new voter ID requirements. It was going to be the softball lob that was going to help them prove, once again, that Republicans are big ole meanies heading into the 2022 elections.

However, liberals stumbled on their way to first base. In their supposed quest to help support their minority base Democrats, the woke establishment sports complex, big media, and corporations ended up doing them a disservice.

In their infinite wisdom, these woke progressives reportedly plan to move the MLB’s “All-Star Game” from Atlanta — a city that is 51 percent African American — to Denver, a city that is 87 percent mostly-suburban white. With that move, will go income and jobs and opportunity that would have otherwise gone to minorities that Democrats claim they help.

In Atlanta, one-third of small business owners are black, and the city was recently rated a “top five best cities for Black-owned businesses” as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The urban landscape is a hot spot for black entrepreneurship, as proven recently by the Georgia film industry including Tyler Perry’s filmmaking dynasty which is based in peach state.

Instead of embracing the culture and taking a stand right there in Atlanta, liberals in their hastiness to make their point forced the MLB’s hand. According to the Associated Press on Monday, the game will land in the state of Colorado.

There are just a few problems for woke progressives.

Colorado is a mostly-white, mostly-suburban state. Its population is 87 percent white, and its sprawling white-picket-fenced suburbs are the polar opposite of Atlanta’s urban scene.

The venue where the game will reportedly be played is Coors Field — which is named after a prominent, white, Republican family whose patriarch (Pete Coors) once entertained a U.S. Senate run as a — you guessed it — Republican. The Coors family has also donated to GOP politics in the state.

With the move to Colorado, Democrats are not exactly benefiting the minority, urban, Black American base they claim to serve.

However, in politics the golden rule is to never interrupt your opponent when they’re making a mistake. The same is true when one party takes their eye off the ball so much that it allows the other side to outright steal a base.

As for Colorado? Well, the economy in the Mile High City is ready to play ball.

Jennifer Kerns is host of “All-American Radio with Jennifer Kerns” and is carried on Salem Radio’s 710 KNUS in Denver.

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