NBC NEWS POLL: President Biden Has An Independent Voter Problem

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By Jennifer Kerns, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher | All-American News

President Joe Biden promised in his Inaugural speech this week that he will serve “all Americans” — but the new president has a tall order on his hands.

An NBC News poll this week shows that the longtime Delaware senator faces an “increasingly polarized, pessimistic and pained nation.”

Well, that much we knew.

A stunning 7 out of 10 American registered voters believe the country is “on the wrong track,” and the majority of registered American voters also remain pessimistic about the future of the nation.

Biden’s upbeat speech on Inauguration Day belies the findings in the NBC News poll that shows that “the majority of all voters don’t have high confidence in Biden’s goals, policies and personal characteristics.”


What most media aren’t covering, however, is that Biden faces a particularly uphill challenge among registered Independents.

Nearly 1/3 of Independents have joined the more than 70% of Republicans who believe that Biden and his friends stole the election. And that creates significant political problems for a guy who claims he can bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans in what he called a very “un-Civil War.”

Even worse news for Biden, the nearly 73% of Americans who state America is on the wrong track, that figure is not necessarily due to Donald Trump — that figure alone is up a stunning 13% since Biden won on Election Day. 

As for prospects for the future, less than one-fourth of America — just 24% — think America will be able to unite, which places probably the toughest burden on Biden in his 40+ years in Washington. The optimism of President Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War era was likely higher simply because Americans actually believed in Lincoln.

The good news for Biden? With numbers this low, surely for the sake of all Americans there’s only one way to go: UP.

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