Publix Grocery Chain Stands behind Conservative Principles

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By Jennifer Kerns, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher | All-American News

Publix grocery chain is under fire again for its political stances — but that doesn’t appear to be phasing the company.

The daughter of Publix founder George Jenkins, Julie Jenkins Fancelli, reportedly donated $300,000 to the protests on January 6, the day that ended with riots and a Capitol siege that will now live in infamy.

To be clear, the Publix family member contributed to the peaceful protests that preceded the attacks — yet in today’s #CancelCulture, it is guilt by association for most conservatives.

Fancelli doesn’t appear to be phased by the threats, as part of the grocery dynasty whose family is worth a reported $8.8 Billion according to Forbes.

That’s because this isn’t her first rodeo.

The chain first came under fire after the Parkland, Florida shooting after it was revealed the family had contributed money to elect a Second Amendment-supporting candidate for Governor.

Recently, Publix also received criticism after donating $100,000 to an effort to re-elect Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2022.

Fancelli has also donated $2 Million to the Republican National Committee and Trump’s re-election campaign.

The grocery chain will likely escape with nary a knick. Publix is an institution throughout the South, where the Second Amendment and conservatism rank highly. It has a loyal customer base and it boasts itself as the largest employee-owned company in the United States.

Whether critics like the family’s political donations or not, free speech and engagement in our political system — yes, including mega donations — are still allowed in the USA and that is good for all Americans, regardless of party.

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