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By Jennifer Kerns, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher | All-American News

Gotham City may (finally) be getting back on track.

Besieged Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that New York will lift its lockdown orders across a number of boroughs and cities.

The plan, announced by the embattled Cuomo, will include a lifting of restrictions across schools, businesses, mass religious gatherings, and yes, finally — restaurants.

NBC News in New York reports that the governor will lift most of the state’s color-coded, “micro-cluster zones.” Red zones are basically non-existent now, and were subject to the strictest rules in 2020 during the peak of the surge. A number of “orange zones” will still be enforced — in places such as Staten Island and Westchester County — which just so happen to be New York’s most conservative areas. (Coincidence? Hmm.)

Cuomo’s move comes just two days after California Governor Gavin Newsom lifted his statewide “stay at home” order.

Like Gavin in California, the New York Guv has been feeling the heat.

Just as Gavin is facing a massive Recall effort, Cuomo is facing a possible challenge from FOX News star Janice Dean — who lost both her mother-in-law and father-in-law from COVID-19 at a New York nursing home. Those deaths and so many others appear to be tied to Cuomo’s orders to return elderly patients to what former President Trump called “death traps.”

So, are the two blue-state, big-state governors lifting their lockdowns because of public pressure, political opportunity, or simply because the election is over and their team won?

Perhaps all of the above.

We’re just excited that America is reopening.

It is something that will benefit ALL Americans — economically, emotionally, and whereas freedom is concerned.

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