The Biden Family Syndicate — Resurrected

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By Jennifer Kerns, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher | All-American News

President Joe Biden pledged on the campaign trail that no family of his would profit off of business deals tied to him if he were to become president — not one penny!

However, two family business dealings are raising red flags — even over at the left-leaning CNBC.

Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, appeared in a television commercial which aired on Inauguration Day of all days touting his brother, the president, in relation to a law firm for which he works.

The ad mentions a lawsuit against a sugar cane grower in Florida, and the Biden brother wistfully talks about the role model his brother has been for his work.

Also rearing its head is news that Hunter Biden — now under investigation for what has been called “tax affairs” and money laundering — still maintains a 10% stake in a Chinese company.

So, is President Biden simply not aware of these business dealings? Or did he intentionally lie to the American people, suggesting he’d be more cognizant of at least the appearance of family business ties than the Trump family before him?

The White House — which also promised on the campaign trail to provide greater “access” than Trump — had exactly zero comment before the stories published.

The likely answers are that Biden either has no control over how his wacky family conducts business, or Biden never intended to distance his family dealings from his White House work.

Whatever the answer, neither speaks well for the new president who promised to be a cut above than the last guy. Fulfilling campaign promises is hard, but it must be done if Biden is to have credibility on any of the pledges he made.

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